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As your family grows, so do your insurance needs. The peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are properly protected from life’s unpredictability is invaluable. That’s why at Pete Nicolosi and Associates, we proudly offer life and financial services to protect our clients from the unexpected.

Pete Nicolosi and Associates specializes in bringing our customers the best in group health insurance,  disability insurance, long term care insurance, fixed annuities, health insurance and life insurance products by providing highly rated carriers, competitive products, and superior personalized service.

At Pete Nicolosi and Associates you will experience helpful, honest, prompt and professional service. With our years of experience, we can answer all your questions and guide you in providing your family the security necessary to protect your family’s future.

Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Life insurance offers financial protection for your family and beneficiaries when you die. Some policies also accumulate cash value, offering a living benefit that can be used for supplemental retirement income, funding for a child’s education or cash for emergencies.

Who needs life insurance? So much depends on your needs and your income. If you have loved ones who rely on you for their financial well-being, life insurance helps ensure that their financial future isn’t left to chance.

What is covered under a life insurance policy? There are many types of life insurance policies that offer a variety of features and benefits. The basic principle of a life insurance policy is that it pays your beneficiary a specified amount of money when you die in exchange for regular payment of premiums.

What are the different types of life insurance? There are two basic types of life insurance: Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance 
Term can be a good option for those who have a specific need for coverage for a certain period of time, or for a cost that is generally lower than permanent insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance
 For those who prefer the added flexibility and security of owning life insurance that provides coverage throughout their entire lives, an appropriate option may be permanent life insurance. In many instances, people find that their objectives are best met with a combination of both term and permanent life insurance. What are the different kinds of permanent insurance?

Whole Life Insurance 
Whole life insurance provides protection for a lifetime as long as the policy is in force. It offers a combination of guarantees that you can’t find in other forms of life insurance, including guaranteed premiums that will not increase, a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value growth.

Universal Life Insurance 
Universal life insurance provides lifetime death benefit protection along with flexibility that gives you choices as your needs and finances change. It offers options such as coverage amounts that may be increased or decreased, and premiums that you can vary based on your finances as long as there is enough money in the account to pay for the monthly insurance and administrative charges.

Disability Income Insurance

If you are like most people, you have insurance on your house, your car and other items of value. But, you may have overlooked protecting what is often your most valuable asset – your ability to generate an income. The same income that allows you to accumulate, and pay for, the other assets you hold dear. Disability income insurance helps protect a portion of your income and provides a fundamental layer of security for your financial future.

What is it? Insurance protection that pays benefits if you become too sick or hurt to work.

Who needs it? Anyone who depends on their income to pay the bills or maintain their lifestyle should consider disability income insurance protection.

What is covered? A percentage of your earned income is covered. Generally speaking, the benefits paid on an individually owned disability income insurance policy are tax-free.

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